• Carrie Farris

New Chicken Tractors

This year we decided to build new chicken tractors. We made this decisions for a few reasons. For one our old tractors where broken down and really unusable for this season. Secondly, they were very big and very hard to move.

Our old chicken tractors were the Joel Salatin style tractor and it was a massive 12x12 foot square. It could hold a lot of chickens at one time which meant we had to move fewer tractors. But the size and weight also made it almost impossible to move by one person.

Our new chicken tractors are built from the John Suscovich plans found in his book Stress-Free Chicken Tractor Plans available from his website Farm Marketing Solutions. We did modify the plans a little and we are still in the process of customizing them to our needs but as you can see below they are much smaller. This design leads to an easy move and the height helps with tending to the chickens and being able to harvest them with less stress when the time comes. They are heavy enough to keep out predators but light enough to be moved by one person as long as you put the wheels on the back before the move.

So far we are really enjoying the new tractors and are planning on building a few more very soon.

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